CryptoGem is a Play2Earn game centered around Farming, Staking, and Trading Gems.
CryptoGem is set in the future, where humanity has discovered a planet full of floating Gem mines that consist of special gemstones that when refined can provide all the necessary resources humanity needs to survive since the vast exploitation of earth's resources has caused almost the extinct of life. This has given tremendous value to these gemstones. However, because everyone, powerful individuals, organizations, and nations, started racing towards this godsend. The unneeded conflict started arising, and to avoid it, everyone agreed to comply with a system. The system of randomness. To ensure equal chances of getting gem mines, this system of randomness has been implemented taking into consideration their rarities.
Players of CryptoGem will be able to own Gem mines and a special set of pickaxes as NFTs. This makes the core gameplay built around farming gemstones from Gem mines using different types of pickaxes. Gem mines are classified depending on the rarity of the Gemstones they contain. And the pickaxes' classification is according to their mining power and durability.
CryptoGem is built on the Binance Smart Chain for the many advantages it offers to the users. Binance Smart Chain is an Ethereum Fork with better improvements. Cheap transactions, faster adoption rates, allows for easy token migration, and a secure and scalable network.
CryptoGem aims to create an extensive ecosystem built in the web3. For the purpose of making the first gemstone market in the metaverse. It will be utilized to trade and earn valuable gemstones as digital assets.