Gem Mines

Gem mines are the most valuable NFTs because of their high return on investment value. They are essentially lands that contain a large number of gemstones. The gem mines are classified according to the rarity of the gemstone that make-up the majority.

Quartz Mine

• Opal Mine

• Emerald Mine

• Ruby Mine

• Diamond Mine

Gem mines are obtainable through the land chest.

There is a limited supply of every Gem mine depending on its rarity. It can be found in the NFT Supply.

However, The supply is always renewed since Gem mines can be burned. All Gem mines, like all lands, can be emptied of their resources, they become exhausted. There is only a certain amount of Gemstones that can be farmed in each Gem mine. When a Gem mine is exhausted, another one of the same rarity is instantly available to be minted through the Land chest. There is a percentage in every Gem mine that refers to its exhaustion. This mechanic along with the limited supply of lands gives an extreme value to lands and ensures the reinvestment of players in order to sustain the stability of the token in the long run.

Gem Mines can be farmed using all types of pickaxes, but there is a recommended mining power the pickaxes need to have to maximize the profit.

Disclaimer: These values are subject to change if needed.

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